Austin Rotter


About Austin Rotter

Austin Rotter is a Public Relations executive living in Hoboken, New Jersey, who operates professionally out of New York. In his career, Austin has distinguished himself in the industry through his diligence, expertise, insight, and passion for the work. His particular skill set lies in media strategy, media relations, and branding businesses, both established and up-and-coming. 

For the past eleven years, Austin Rotter has been working in the public relations industry, building the knowledge, skills, expertise, and insight that have helped him propel his career to where it is today. Throughout his decade-plus career, Austin has worked with more clients than he can name, ranging from promising startups to Fortune 1000 brands to tech companies exhibiting hyper-growth. He has honed his industry knowledge, refining his skills and furthering his knowledge in order to provide his clients with the best possible solutions and strategies when it comes to managing their brands and public images.

Austin’s Experience

As an entrepreneur, Austin Rotter knows how important it is to find a healthy work-life balance in order to maintain one’s mental health and avoid burnout. That’s why he always reserves time to spend with his family and those whom he loves. In his life in Hoboken, Austin lives with his beautiful family. He’s been married to his wonderful wife for more than four years, and together they are raising a dog and an amazing baby daughter in the home they share together. In order to build a better world for his daughter and a better community for those around him, Austin is also focused on personal growth and development, seeking areas in which he can improve on a personal level. 

In addition to spending time with his loved ones, Austin has also been a fan of watching sports for as long as he can remember. While he doesn’t have any particular sport he loves most, Austin enjoys watching most sports that are on. Living in Hoboken and working in New York, he’s a big fan of all New York-based sports teams. During hockey season, he roots for the Rangers; during baseball games, he cheers for the Mets; during football games, the Jets are his team; and when it comes to basketball, he’s always a Knicks fan. 

Learn more about entrepreneurship, media relations, public relations, branding, and media strategy, be sure to visit Austin Rotter’s entrepreneurship blog page, and check out Austin’s website on technology for more information!