Austin Rotter


Austin Rotter lives in Hoboken, New Jersey operates professionally in New York as a  media relations, branding, and media strategy professional. Austin Rotter has spent his career building skills, knowledge, and experience within the arena of public relations and online branding. A sharp and driven individual, Austin has distinguished himself as an executive in the industry.

Throughout his career, Austin Rotter has worked with more clients than he can count. Austin has more than eleven years of experience working in public relations and media strategy and assisted numerous individuals and companies alike represent themselves online and in the public eye.

In his career, Austin Rotter has carved out his space in the Public Relations industry as a knowledgeable and driven media strategist. Austin’s specialty is working with Fortune 1000 brands, promising startups, and hyper-growth tech companies, where he assists growth and development by providing media relations and strategy for these businesses. Austin Rotter has spent more than a decade building himself into a standout figure in the industry, one who is insightful, persevering, and focused on the best solution and strategy for his clients.

Austin Rotter helps brands and entrepreneurs create storytelling driven media relations campaigns focused on looking to break through noisy ecosystems and reach targeted audiences in a creative, strategic way.
From executive profiling and thought leadership to company announcements and product launches, every approach is specific to client goals and true outcomes. Austin has landed client’s segments on CNBC, Bloomberg, FOX Business, CNN, Cheddar, Yahoo!, etc., as well as placed profiles in The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune, Business Insider, TechCrunch, etc.
Throughout his career, Austin has established a skill set involving areas like business branding for established and emerging companies, media strategy, and media relations. He has worked with institutions ranging from hyper-growth tech companies to auspicious startups to prominent Fortune 1000 brands.
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  • Media Strategy

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  • Social Media Strategy

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