When people think of PR, their minds often wander to an image of busy individuals providing disaster relief to a huge scandal involving a celebrity or business. While PR professionals do occasionally deal with such occurrences, they also play an even larger role in publicizing their clients or business, connecting them with media sources and being a strategic chess player in the game of communication. Some entrepreneurs may wonder if it is worthwhile to have a PR team in place, especially if they own a small business. Whether operating a local business or a global enterprise, PR is essential to your business’s success. Figure out why below.

Supports Marketing Initiatives On a Higher Level

Many people seem to think of marketing and PR as two peas in a pod. While they certainly work together, each of these is its own department. However, they work seamlessly together to create a quality branding product and paint your business in a positive light. While PR may seem to have some similarities to marketing, it actually elevates branding efforts in a way that advertising cannot. In fact, PR has been known to be roughly 90% more effective than advertising. People are exposed to more advertising today than ever before, and many are turned off by it. Establishing a solid PR strategy can help connect you with current and potential customers in a more personal way.

Boosts Visibility

An entrepreneur’s top goal is usually to have their business so well-liked that it is able to thrive for generations. This business is usually sustained by customer loyalty, but in order to gain loyal customers, you have to do the foundational work of building out your network. This begins with brand visibility, something that is more difficult to attain if you do not have a PR strategy. By connecting with likable bloggers, relevant companies and even news outlets, you’ll position your company to be seen by more people. The more intentional you are with the connections you make, the more likely you are to target your ideal customers and boost visibility in the correct markets.

Prevents Problems

As mentioned earlier, PR professionals do have the occasional task of recovering their clients from scandals. While most entrepreneurs desire to stay out of scandals or related issues, one can never be too sure when or if they might get caught up in one, especially with the spread of misinformation on social media. Having a good PR strategy will help you prevent these problems from the get-go and enable you to solve such issues before they become a bigger deal. Monitoring your business should be an everyday task, and having a PR team will help take this large task out of your direct responsibility.